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Services offered to small- and medium-sized companies
We focus on the entrepreneurs or shareholders and therefore on the relationships they have with their companies. Besides the services available to individuals and companies in general, we offer the following specific services to SMEs:

Initiating business activities

  • choosing the legal form of the business
  • implementing the chosen structure
  • reviewing the obligations related to the chosen structure
  • reviewing the insurance for the managing owner and the employees

Closing at year-end

  • reviewing the draft financials
  • reviewing positions directly related to the managing owner (salary, representation allowances,...)
  • identifying any problems
  • proposing viable solutions
  • determining the dividend distribution

Terminating business activities

  • planning the termination of the business activities
  • determining possible alternatives
  • coaching the project
  • tax planning

Acquiring or selling a business 

  • determining the possible options
  • coordinating with the various people involved (business owner, family, notary public, lawyer, etc.)
  • assisting in budgeting
  • tax planning