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Where to find us:



On foot, coming from the train station: take Rue de la Gare (in the pedestrian zone) until you reach Place St Martin, with a water fountain, then go down Rue de la Combe to your right.

By car, coming from the highway: go straight down towards the lake, pass a few lights, then turn left, right after the bridge under the railway (follow the sign "Perdtemps parking"). Drive past the train station, take the first right turn (av. Viollier, towards "Perdtemps parking"), then turn right again on the Perdtemps street (not left towards Perdtemps parking), drive slowly through the pedestrian zone (30km/h zone), and down Rue de la Combe which is straight in front of you.

A parking place is available for our visitors to the right of the building entrance and this in spite of the big no parking sign. You can also park in "La Combe" shopping center, whose entrance is further down the street on your right.


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