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As far as your tax affairs are concerned, do not leave anything to chance!
It is not always easy to maintain an overview of the way tax matters fit together.

Nonetheless, each piece of the puzzle somehow has to find its way into the final picture. Sometimes, only thinking outside the box allows everthing to come together properly.

And that is not all there is to it! Finding a common understanding with tax authorities may turn into another puzzle. A tax lawyer is the partner you need for negotiating with the tax administration and for defending your interests in court.

Trust us with your tax affairs and these puzzles will stop giving you headaches. You can be confident that we will take care of your interests as if they were our own. We are flexible in our thinking and often find unexpected solutions. In any situation, we will relieve you of quite a few worries.

Obviously, there are some things that we cannot do for you (such as pay your taxes…) but taxadvice can certainly simplify your life.

Do not hesitate to contact us for advice!


We specialize in consulting on fiscal matters for individuals. We also offer some services to companies and owner-managed enterprises. We also serve our clients in French and in German.


We conform to standards of quality and confidentiality precribed by the sector organisations. Our fees are based on the recommendations of the latest.

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